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In my coaching role, I help busy professionals who are are overwhelmed by clutter and disorganization in their homes and home offices.

Bringing together my OT lens, which looks holistically at how a person functions in their environment, and coaching tools and approaches, I guide clients through a decluttering and organization process. We will access your strengths, resources and creativity, and follow a plan of action for creating spaces that support calm, wellbeing, and optimal functioning. My approach is gentle, compassionate, and takes into account the difficulties associated with letting go of items that hold meaning.

White office organization

Home organization coaching services can help with: 

  • preparing for moving, downsizing, or an emptier nest

  • setting up a kitchen or home office to be more functional

  • managing children's books, toys and clothes

  • letting go of sentimental items

  • setting up spaces to support healthy habits and routines


For information about coaching rates and session packages, click here. To discuss the possibility of working together, I offer a free, 15-minute consultation. 

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